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Thursday, 4/28/05
Thursday April 28 2005 @ 11:16 pm

- The dogs wake me up around 6:30. I let ‘em out, take a leak, swish some mouthwash, then plant myself at my desk in my office, where I check email and read the reactions to the “Rats” Q&A.

- I head out to my hallway bathroom to take a shit and further read the board. On my way out of the bathroom, I make the mistake of heading into the library, where the dusty gym equipment stares me down. I spy the doctor’s office scale near the TV and decide to see what the damage is. It ain’t pretty. Immediately, I head back to my room, throw on some sweats, pull on the sneakers, and head to the gym. I stick in some “Deadwood” and climb aboard the treadmill, where I do an hour. After I’m done, there’s still some of the “Deadwood” episode left, so I chill out on the workout ball, taking it in.

- I head to the room, where Jen’s now awake, and wondering where the fuck I found the ambition to get up and work out. I tell her about my terrible meeting with the scale, and she gives me the “Ahhhhhhh…”, following it up with something about her not being enemies with the scale as well. I point out that if she thinks she’s on bad terms with the scale, then the scale and I are Jesus and Satan, so at odds are we.

- I get in the shower, get dressed, and head down to the office, where Meredith and her post crew from Universal are there to do a spotting session on the new cut of “Mallrats”. We run through the flick, looking for places where new score will be added and old song cues will be extended. Mosier pops in just as the meeting’s coming to a close, and as the Uni folks leave, he and I chit-chat a bit before I head back home. As I’m leaving, he gives me a piece he’s done as part of his recent foray into painting…

I love it.

- I lay down to watch some “Simpsons” and fall asleep. Hours later, Jen wakes me up when she returns from shopping. She says the framer’s called, having finished with the big Jay and Bob piece from Harvey, as well as the me and Mewes page from Empire Magazine. We decide to shoot over to the Valley to pick the pieces up and drop off Mos’ painting for framing.

- We get to the framer’s, do the drop off and pick up, grab some Koo-Koo-Roo for Quinnster, head to Quizno’s for Jen and Ralph’s for me (to get some canned chicken and Fat Free Mayo for my new diet). En route to Ralph’s, I get a call from Casey (the “Catch” producer), and learn that I’ve gotta be in Vancouver by Saturday the 7th for rehearsal – which means the drive to the Van Jen and I were planning is facing a wrinkle. I tell Casey I’ll figure it out and get back to her.

- We get home and serve up the Koo-Koo-Roo turkey and mashed to Quinnster, who preps it (cut up turkey, mix into mash, cover with gravy). I climb upstairs to make some chicken salad (can chicken with fat free mayo), then adjourn to my room, where I slap on the woobs and sack out in front of some “Simpsons”. Jen and Harley join me for a moment to drop off Mulder. Jen stays too, and Harley heads back downstairs. I’m making goo-goo eyes at Schwalbach when the intercom buzz gives way to a screaming Harley, who informs us that Scully has eaten her beloved Koo-Koo-Roo. Jen and I race downstairs to find our apoplectic daughter screaming and crying her head off. I hunt down Scully, drag her into the room to remind her what she did, spank her turkey-stealing ass, and chase her upstairs, where I put her out on the deck by herself.

- I get back to the room where Mulder (the extremely apprehensive, borderline neurotic Gallant to Scully’s Goofus) is cowering behind the couch, terrified his shit’s on the chopping block. I reassure the sensitive little man that he’s in the clear and go back to watching tv and getting through email. Jen and Harley arrive, and it seems that Quinnster is so traumatized by the Scully Incident that she needs to sleep on our couch. Jen puts Harley to bed, just as Gail arrives to measure me for my neck and hat sizes for the “Catch” costume department. I talk to Quinnster for a bit, kiss her g’night, then join Jen upstairs.

- Jen and I go over the upcoming schedule and how to handle being at Skywalker for Friday and Vancouver for Saturday at 1pm. We decide to drive to Skywalker Thursday night and do the preem/party on Friday. Then, I’ll fly up to Vancouver for rehearsal on Saturday, turn around and fly back to the Bay Area, then spend Saturday night and Sunday driving to the Van. That settled, we ride our respective laptops while rocking a little “Dynasty”. Around 11, we decide to head downstairs to quickly fall asleep to some Vo’ed “Simpsons”.