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Wednesday, 4/27/05
Wednesday April 27 2005 @ 11:15 pm

- I wake up around 3:30, unable to sleep. I take a leak and head to my office to start updating the diary.

- At some point in the night, Quinnster wound up in our room, sleeping on the couch. She’s got a cough this morning when she wakes up, so I give her an ice pop and let her play with my Nintendo DS. She continues coughing until Jen gets up and barks at me about giving Harley something for her cough, to which I snap back that she should do it, as I’ve been up since 3:30. We both settle, and I go back to the board.

- At around 6:30/7:00, starts getting slammed hard. I track down Ming to see what’s happening, and he tells me that it’s the “Sith” review, getting hit like crazy, shutting down not just the board, but also the website. Ming labors like mad to get the site up and going and I discuss with Xtian his idea to take the Chatter section private, for registered members only. I hip Ming to the idea, and he agrees with Xtian and sets about initiating our own Order 66, while placing the “Sith” review on its own, accessible-to-non-members page.

- Jen pulls me away from the computer, and we head to The Griddle for some eats. We’re joined by Brian Lynch, who tells me about his secret girlfriend and tells me to keep it “off-the-blog” (a phrase that’s getting more and more play in my life lately). Harley’s friend Mina’s Dad David rolls by and joins us for breakfast too. I get a call from Casey, one of the producers on “Catch & Release”, who informs me I’m supposed to be in Vancouver on the 5th. I tell her this is impossible, as I’m gonna be up at Skywalker Ranch on the 6th for the Mtv “Sith” premiere party. We try to figure out whether I’m gonna fly or drive, and then I head back to breakfast, just as we’re joined by Malcolm and Andre. We can’t stay long, though, as I’ve got a haircut at 10:30.

- Jen and I bicker about my mullet on the way to the house (she can’t stand it; I maintain it’s a necessary evil) so I drop her off without saying goodbye and head over the hill to Nicole’s to get my hair cut.

- Nicole does as best she can with the little hair she’s got to work with, mullet and all. I head back home to find Jen in her bathroom. We kiss and make up, and I head into the shower.

- I head upstairs to do my “Degrassi” interview with Stefan “Snake” Brogren for a CTV documentary that looks back on two decades plus of various incarnations of the show. During the interview, Mewes joins us to say hi and asks me what time we’re heading over to the Arclight for the “Rats” screening. Stefan and Co. wrap up the interview, and I give them a tour of the house before heading back to my room.

- I check email and the website, and IM Ming to see what’s up with the traffic problem. He’s put the “Sith” review on its own page with a hit-counter, and he tells me to look at the counter and click “reload”. The number jumps substantially. Ming figures the review is getting 800 hits a minute, from all over the ‘net. Shortly after that, I fall asleep for around two hours.

- I’m woken up by Jen’s return from shopping, and I groggily talk with her about her day. Gail calls down to let us know it’s family dinner time, and I drag my ass upstairs for steaks. During the meal, Mewes tells me that Run DMC are gonna be playing at Avalon on Friday. I tell him I’m all over it, and to sign me up. I top off the steak and baked potato with some leftover Harley Bed-Day cake and some milk.

- Mewes asks if I wanna play some heads-up poker before we go to the Arclight, so I head upstairs and play for awhile while Gail calls up periodically to give us time updates. Right before we leave, Mewes goes all in on a Jack/Ten, but I beat him with my Queen/Jack, winning his hundred bucks.

- I kiss Jen and Harley goodbye and heads down to the front door, where Mewes and I meet up with Byron and Gail, who’re accompanying us to the Arclight. They opt to take a separate car and follow us over.

- We get to the theater three minutes after the flick’s supposed to begin. I ask the autograph seekers outside to wait ’til I get done with the intro, and head into the Arclight where I’m met by some Universal folks who lead me down the stairs to Theater 3. I say hi to JM Kenny and Meredith from Universal, grab a mic, and do some intro/Q&A for about twenty minutes. When I leave, I run into Jim Jacks in the back of the theater. We chit-chat for a bit, then I head outside, sign all the stuff I skipped on the way in, and chat briefly with Mewes and Malcolm before getting in the car and going back home.

- On my way to my closet to change my shirt, I notice Quinnster’s back on our couch. I quietly swap jerseys and join Jen upstairs in the living room to chill out for an hour before I have to shoot back to the Arclight. We watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” and I check email before and the board. An hour later, I kiss Jen g’bye again and head back to the theater.

- I arrive with a few minutes to go before the credits. I talk with JM and Meredith about who’s gonna be on stage, and decide to do Q&A until the chairs are set up and JM’s ready to shoot. After about twenty minutes, we start the show, and I introduce Dave Klein, Jim Jacks, Scott Mosier, Renee’ Humphrey, Ethan Suplee, Jason Mewes, Jeremy London and Jason Lee. We do the Q&A thing for about two hours (find details about the event here), then sign stuff for those in attendance. As I leave the theater, I find Mewes out in the hallway, ready to go home. Byron and Gail walk us to the car, then we head to In-&-Out for some late-night snacks, and back home. Once there, Mewes heads off to “get up in dem guts”, and I go inside to my office, where I chow down and check the board for Q&A reactions. I do this for a half hour, before joining the sleeping Schwalbach, beside whom I fall asleep, watching TiVo’ed “Simpsons”.