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Tuesday, 4/12/05
Tuesday April 12 2005 @ 11:51 am

- I wake up at four, take a few Advil, down some water, and head to the computer to check email and read the board. About an hour later, Jen stirs and tells me to come back to bed. I do, and we cuddle up, falling asleep.

- Somehow, I sleep ’til nine again. I intercom up to the kitchen to see if Jen’s there and head upstairs to find her on her laptop, working on the Poetry Event and drinking coffee. We go over her concerns about the Event, and then opt or some Griddle. We get dressed and head out.

- Post-Griddle, Jen and I head over to the Valley to Linens and Things to grab some wine glasses. Next door, there’s a Kaybee trumpeting the new “Star Wars” toys, so I head in to see what’s what. I pick up a new Darth Vader figure (the first “Star Wars” figure I’ve bought since ’97), a beanie Clone Trooper, and this Tiger plug-in-and-play Light Saber video game. On the way out of the store, I run into Jeff, our computer guy, and meet his wife.

- Jen and I load the glasses and whatnot into the truck and head over to a nursery on Riverside. She buys a bunch of flowers to plant while I talk to Raskind on the cell about how the “Catch” deal’s going. As we check out, I buy a carton of ladybugs (1500 per box!) to release in our yard. We head out and load the plants into the truck, and I meet a fella named Spencer who was at Vulgarthon and who posts on the board.

- We get home and Smalls unloads the car. I head upstairs and check email and IM with some folks. Jen heads out again, this time to Target for napkins and shit.

- Steve comes over to check on the back speakers upstairs. He swaps out the front channel speaker as well, which sounds great. Jon Gordon calls, and him and I talk about Miramax and stuff. Jen gets home and tells me to get off the phone so I can shower and head over to Le Meridien for the “Dinner for Five” taping, which I do.

- I get to Le Meridien and meet up with Peter, Lisa, and Favs, and we go over the seating set-up.

- Favs and I tape some spots for IFC to hype the show, and guests start arriving. I head to the green room to say hi to Jason Lee, JJ Abrams, Stan Lee and Mark Hamill. We chit-chat for a bit, then head into the Fiesta restaurant to tape the show (which is the same location I shot the “Jersey Girl” cast episode of “Dinner for Five” at).

- The show goes great (and long). After which, Pete and Favs do a post-mortem, I talk to Mark and his wife Marylou for a bit, say goodbye to Lee and JJ (the amazing Stan took off while I was taking a leak), and head home.

- Jen calls me to ask if I could pick up a watermelon for Harley’s class project (they’re studying seeds), so I swing by Bristol to do so.

- I get home around 11:00 just in time to watch some “Simpsons” and fall asleep next to Jen.