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SPOILERS! We’re doing a show for Hulu called… SPOILERS!
Monday May 21 2012 @ 9:22 am

SModCo has a summer job!

For 10 weeks starting JUNE 4TH, we wanna watch movies with you and sit around talking about ‘em afterwards – just like they do on the internets! It’s a brand new Hulu Original series we’re calling SPOILERS!

The premise is simple: I take a buncha movie-lovers to a flick on opening day! We pay our two bits and let the movie splash all over our faces, necks and tits. Then, when the end credits roll, we all head down to the Jay and Silent Bobatorium – our SPOILERS shooting space at the brand new SModCo Studios, located in the heart of Universal City Walk! There, we shoot the first half of SPOILERS: a free-for-all gab-fest where YOU are my co-host! Watch me sweat and get exercise as I run around the room like an early-80′s Phil Donahue, sticking my long, 70′s style Match Game P.M.-type mic in the faces of folks who wanna gush about what we just watched! And as soon as someone compares someone else to Hitler, it’ll be exactly like a movie chat room come to life!

The other half of the show is me sitting down to interview someone whose work inspires me and the audience! And if you’ve ever listened to SMoviemakers or SMinterview or SMoviola, you know what that’s gonna be like (yes, just like COMIC BOOK MEN, the new show we’re doing was birthed from a pod at! Take note, kids: podcasts can lead to broadcasts!)

In between, we’ll have segments like Movie Goon – where bear extraordinaire Malcolm Ingram rants about popular movies he hates while the Spoilers and I battle him back! Or catch Cry Criterion!, where we highlight a few of the over 800+ classics in the Criterion Collection, streamed exclusively on Hulu! Or recreate a movie scene with everybody’s favorite snootchie-bootchies-sayer, Jason Mewes in Let Us Act! Or watch my wife Jen Schwalbach bitch me out in regards to how overly-obsessive I’m being over movies like The Dark Knight Rises in a segment we call Why Do I Even Frak You?! And every show wraps up with a Babble-Bit cartoon: Animated shorts starring me and chief Babbler Ralph Garman, with audio taken from our HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON podcast!

SPOILERS will entertain you… or let you be entertaining! SModCo wants you to watch our new show, of course – But we also want you to BE ON IT WITH ME! Wanna be one of the SPOILERS for an episode? Hit the show sign-up page, which includes the list of all the movies we’ll be watching this summer! Reserve your spot on the SPOILERS roster right here…

SPOILERS starts on JUNE 4TH – only on Hulu! Call it genius or call it sh*t – Whatever you do, just don’t call it a movie review show! Because we don’t review movies on SPOILERS; we revere ‘em!
(Catchy but way obvious tagline copyright Fat Kev Smith)

Big thanks to SModCo’s fearless leader Jordan Monsanto for making SPOILERS a reality! Thanks to David “DK” Kahn who hooked us up with Hulu in the first place! And thanks to Andy, Charlotte, Brendan and our brand new Hulu family for giving us something fun to do all summer!

And special thanks to Zak “Sexy Stud” Knutson and Joey Figueroa – our Chop Shop Entertainment producers/directors! You’ve seen their docs on my DVD’s or most recently on KEVIN SMITH: BURN IN HELL, but you’ve also seen one of ‘em frak a donkey on screen in CLERKS II!


Cole Abaius, a journo who walks the film beat at Film School Rejects, asked me the following question, regarding SPOILERS

“Why will movie fans dissecting a movie right after seeing it make compelling television?”

I don’t try for “compelling”: That’s a fool’s errand. In nearly 20 years of trying to be entertaining, I’ve learned that it’s better for me to just do what makes me happy and hope that folks find it interesting – like a podcast where I talk about how much I love Batman with people. And this summer, what’ll make me happy for 10 weeks will be SPOILERS!

Watching people sit around and talk about stuff is a time-honored tradition in television, and if I learned anything with COMIC BOOK MEN, it’s that talking about stuff you love on TV is pretty much like talking about stuff you love on a podcast: Talk about it with enough passion and it’ll seem like the most important thing that ever happened in the history of mankind. That’s what we’ll do on SPOILERS each week, except it won’t be two people going back and forth; it’ll be a room full of folks qualified to talk about movies because they’ve been doing so their whole lives! And I’ve been making flicks since ’93, so I’m at least qualified to babble on the subject as well. Put us together and you’ll have a cinematic group-grope: a flick-friendly free-for-all where you’ve got movie-lovers watching not someone else holding forth on movies but seeing themselves and their enthusiasm as the stars of the show.

And I’ve got experience for the gig: Going to the movies with a bunch of people on opening day and then talking about it afterwards is something I’ve been doing since I was in eighth grade. I started as a movie-lover, I was lucky enough to be a movie-maker for awhile, and now I get to go back to being a movie-lover. But the difference this time is I’ve got enough juice to bring that passion for film to life in another way that maybe won’t bug some folks as much.

S’gonna be fun – at least for me. And with all the podcasts we do and the building of SModCo these last two years, I’ve learned something simple: If I’m having a good time, the audience that’s into the stuff I make usually enjoys it, too. And that’s the best you can do with any art, really: Make it fun for you and hope the feeling’s infectious for the audience.

WANNA BE ON SPOILERS WITH ME? Here’s the sign-up page, which includes the list of all the movies we’ll be watching this summer!

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