Saturday, 4/2/05
Saturday 2 April 2005 @ 12:05 pm

- I wake up before the dogs and jump in the shower. I check the board while I’m drying, get dressed, and kiss the sleeping Schwalbach goodbye.

- Byron drops me at the airport and I jump on the plane for N.J. I’m ticked to discover the United flight I’m on doesn’t have power-ports in the seats, so at a certain point, I’m gonna run out of juice for the laptop. The in-flight flick’s “Ocean’s 12″ (which I’d never seen but wind up really liking), so that’s two hours during which I’m not depleting the laptop battery. When the movie’s over, I watch some “Degrassi” episodes from the current season that I’d missed. On the fourth ep, the battery dies, so I go back to reading the treatment for the ——————- movie before I fall asleep.

- We land at Newark. The weather’s insanely shitty. I pick up a rental SUV and drive through the downpour to the MotherLand. Instead of taking the Red Bank exit, I get off at 117 and take Rt. 36 – the scenic route. It’s always a roll down memory lane when I get back into town and drive past places like Bethany Rd. and Dante Tuxedos. I wouldn’t be who I am or do what I do today without a lifetime of inspirado, courtesy of Monmouth County.

- I get to the Molly Pitcher and check in. Thank Christ – they’ve finally upgraded and installed the ethernet. In fact, they’ve gone WiFi. I check the board and email and order some room service.

- I head to the Basie, park at the loading dock, and head inside. After a few pics for and with Mark Voger (of the Asbury Park Press), I head outside, grab some fresh air before the long haul that’s to come, then head out onstage for the Q&A.

- Seven hours later, post-Q&A, I hit the store for a late-night signing. Walt, Mike Z (HelperMonkee to you folks) Ming and Xtian help out. By the time we wrap up, it’s light outside. At 6:20, I head back to the Molly Pitcher for some sleep.