Saturday, 4/9/05
Saturday 9 April 2005 @ 12:00 pm

- With all the black out curtains closed and no school to get Harley to, I get to sleep in ’til around 8-ish before the dogs realize they’ve been outsmarted. I let ‘em out and take a leak.

- When I get back to the room, Harley’s up too. She wants breakfast, but doesn’t want to go sit at Jerry’s or The Griddle to eat. We settle on some McDonald’s, and I ask for five minutes to check my email before we go.

- Two interesting emails: one from Richard Kelly, letting me know that all systems are go on “Southland Tales” and that I’ll be needed for two days in August. The other email’s from Edgar Wright, the director of “Shaun of the Dead”, who’s in town for a week. I respond to both emails, throw on some clothes, pull a jacket over Harley, and we’re off to grab some take-home chow.

- As we drive, we decide that a Carl’s Jr. breakfast might be more appealing. Far less than appealing, however, is the bird shit on my windshield. Harley suggests a car wash, so we’re off to the Shell Drive-Thru wash on La Cienega and Pico. We play scream at the scrubbing brushes as they “attack” the car for five minutes, then head off.

- We hit the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru and load up on crap to take home. For Mom, we hit McDonald’s on the way home (she’s a McD’s hash brown whore). Harley and I make a bet whether Mom’s up yet or not (Harley says yes, I say no). It’s ten to ten in the a.m.

- We pull up outside the house and the bedroom curtains are still drawn, so I win the bet, and demand the kid give me a hundred bucks, ‘lest I call in the goons to break her thumbs. She ignores me and carries the breakfast she apparently bought up to Jen. We snap on the lights and wake the dead, pushing greasy food and Diet Coke in her face to start her day.

- Edgar Wright’s called (I left the home number in his email). He’s stranded at this hotel with nothing but winter clothing. I tell him I’ll come get him and drop him off at the Gap.

- As Jen heads out to look for plants, I swing over to Edgar’s hotel, pick him up, and drop him off at the Hollywood and Highland Gap to grab some lighter gear. I head back to the house, take a shower, and retrieve Edgar a half hour later. We go back to the house, I give him the tour, and we retire to the living room bar for some beers and chit-chat about his new movie, “Hot Fuzz.”

- I load the dogs into the car and drop Edgar off at his hotel ’round three/four. After that, it’s over to Quizno’s for me and Jen, and Wendy’s for the accompanying mutts. I get back to the house and Jen and I dig into our Quizno’s and beers. Mewes pops up and says that Paul Walker (through whose production company “Bottoms Up” is being made) can’t break away from wherever he’s currently shooting a movie to do his cameo on “Bottoms”. Mewes wants to know if I’ll do it instead. The (brief) role is Mewes’ home-town friend. I tell him that even though it’s gonna be the biggest acting stretch of my life, that I’ll do it. Mewes takes off to play some online poker.

- With Harley chilling with her friend Hans, Jen and I are free to grab some buzz-fucking time. We spend about an hour doing the nasty, and emerge from our room to take Harley to Astro Burger for some light dinner.

- We take out, rather than eat in (a brief point of contention between me and Jen over that), and head home again. It’s time for Harley to go to bed, on our couch once again. While Jen and Harley read some training books together, I download some classical music to play the kid to sleep with. We kiss Quinnster g’night and head upstairs. Oddly enough, the do-we-stay-or-do-we-go argument from Astro-Burger has followed us home, so we spat about it some more, and I opt to head downstairs to catalogue some mp3′s. Jen sends me an email to get over it and come upstairs, so go upstairs I do to make up.

- We opt for some “Scanners” while we go through our email. Jen’s still putting together the pieces of the poetry event, and I’m still getting through posts on the board. About 45 minutes into “Scanners”, we decide to call it a night, and head back downstairs to some TiVo’ed “Simpsons” and sleep.