Sunday, 4/10/05
Sunday 10 April 2005 @ 12:01 pm

- With the black out curtains drawn, the mutts are once again fooled into sleeping ’til 7:30. When they start stalking the bed, I get up and let ‘em out, take a leak, and head back down to bedroom office to plant myself in front of the computer.

- Quinnster wakes up, and we opt to hit Jerry’s (Famous Deli) for breakfast. On the way there, we play “Sloop John B” over and over.

- Post-Jerry’s, we pick up an iced latte’ and a Quizno’s veggie & cheese sub for Jen. The subject turns to tattoos and the “Harley’s” tattoo I’ve long promised I was gonna get for my forearm to compliment the “Jenny’s” tattoo on my left forearm. I try to explain the process of getting a tattoo to Harley, and decide that showing her would probably be better. So we cruise Sunset, peeping out tattoo parlors – none of which are open before noon. Thwarted, we head back to the house, taking bets as to whether Jen’s awake or not.

- We get home at ten to noon and Jen is, indeed, awake. She’s been shifting plants around the deck and library balcony for the last hour. I make with the sub and iced latte’, and for a few minutes, I’m a true hero.

- I take a shower, and decide that perhaps today is the day to get my daughter’s name inked on my body. So I google Sunset Strip Tattoo, give ‘em a shout to see if I need an appointment (I don’t) and inform the ladies that I’m gonna get inked and read “Catch and Release” while I’m there. Jen says she’ll bring Harley by in a half hour to check out the process.

- At the tatto parlor, I show the guy my “Jenny’s” tattoo and he looks for the exact font in his books. He preps “Harley’s”, gets it to the right size, and we’re in business. It’s been four years since I last felt that needle, but it’s a very singular sensation that’s not too tough to take, yet not that comfortable to either.

- Jen and Harley drop in about halfway through, and Harley’s transfixed. The whole affair has a naughtiness factor (what with the naked ladies and devils on the walls, and the needle jamming in and out of Dad’s arm) that appeals to the kid’s wild side. I tell her she can come back in twelve years, and Jen takes her out to look for more plants.

- Twenty minutes later, Mewes rolls in. He was next door picking up a modem for his cell phone and he saw my truck. He asks me to get “Mewesy’s” right beneath “Harley’s”, but I tell him he’ll half to settle for a Jay and Bob tattoo I’m thinking of getting on my calf.

- The guy finishes up an excellent job, bandages my arm, and sends me on my way. As I’m leaving, I spy Mewes still in the Sprint Store. I pop in to see him (and his friend Molly), and then we sit outside the store, chit-chatting for a bit. Turns out I might have to head over to their set tonight to be in the closing shot of the flick. I tell him to let me know, and head home.

- When I get there, Jen and Harley are chowing down on some Baja Fresh. I’ve gotta pick up some lotion for the tat, so I take Harley for a ride to Rite Aid and Wendy’s (for some protein for me).

- We get home and opt for a family game. So it’s Disney Yahtzee in Quinnster’s room. She wins (fuck…) and Jen gives her a bath while I go back to “Catch & Release” – a script I really wind up digging (it’s about getting over grief, so it’s appealing to the guy who made “Jersey Girl” on a couple different levels).

- We put the Quinnster down for bed and rock the classical music. She wants to see my tattoo, but it’s too early to take the bandage off, so she’s gotta wait ’til morning. We kiss her g’night and head upstairs.

- Jen’s tearing apart the living room, trying to figure out where to stick the 100 people coming for the Poetry Event. The room fits more than that (party style), but this is a seated affair, so it’s gonna take a well-organized layout. Mewes calls, and I am gonna be needed for the shot tonight. I call Phil to let him know I’m going, and he calls the producer to get some deal points straight before I head over.

- I don’t have to be there until 11:00, so I head back downstairs, draw the curtains on the boudoir portion of the master bedroom suite (so as not to wake Harley on our couch), and finsh up “Catch & Release”, which turns out to be the kinda flick I’d see theatrically. The Sam part is pretty huge, though, so I’m a little nervous about jumping aboard, as I’m gonna be completely out of my depth.

- I throw on some clothes (jeans, dress shirt, tie, and cold weather jacket) for the exterior night scene that’s supposed to be set in Minnesota but is really being shot down near Westwood. I kiss Jen goodbye/goodnight and head off.

- Thanks to a cell assist from Mewes, I find base camp and get shown to a trailer. The costume lady signs off on my outfit and I get put through “the works” (makeup and hair). In the trailer, I meet David Keith, and remind him that this is our second movie together, though apart (we were both in “Daredevil” as well). Done with the vanities, I get shuttled off to set, where I meet the director. He walks me through what I’m doing (getting out of a limo at a premiere of sorts), meet my co-stars in the shot, and we’re off and running. Two takes later, I’m done. Mewes’ buddy Milo and his lady Christina drive me and Mewes back to base camp. We chit-chat for a bit, and then I head home.

- It’s 1:30, so Jen and Harley are out cold. I throw on the woobs (the lounge wear), and climb into bed beside Jenny, falling asleep to some TiVo’ed “Simpsons.”