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Anarchy in the UK: “Clerks II” Opens on Friday
Tuesday September 19 2006 @ 5:09 pm

I haven’t seen the clip in question (nor do I even know who the man is), but a fella named Ross with a TV show in the UK apparently took a dump on my l’il “Clerks II”. It’s caused a bit of an uproar over at the home site’s message board, but really – what can you do? Not everyone enjoys my brand of whimsy.

Still, with whatever he said, the guy seems to be in the minority over there.

Empire gave us four stars.

Total Film gave us five stars.

Future Movies liked us.

The Sunday Times ran this thoughtful piece when we were released stateside.

Film Focus had really nice things to say.

Maxim(UK) is into it.

The delightfully named Eat My Cheese, Please gave us five stars in a pretty wonderful review.

MtvUK gave us props.

Scotland on Sunday (the Scotsman) did as well.

Sunday Mirror mostly dug it.

Film Stalker was surprised.

TNT Magazine is in the hizzy. (the online home of the offending reviewer’s network, I’m told) disagreed with their on-air guy (and on this page, you can actually vote up the flick with a poll to the right, if you’re so inclined).

News of the World gave us four out of 5 stars (yet still somehow managed to bash me in the process).

And while I don’t have links, Tom Brooks from BBC’s “Talking Movies” and Heat Magazine (from what I understand) gave us a strong reviews.

“Clerks II” opens in Blighty on Friday. If you’re across the pond, give it a look-see.

Meanwhile, stateside, we’re gearing up for our 11/28 DVD release of…

And also coming out on the same day (which you can purchase it with a click)…

Same here: purchase with a click…

Or, you can watch ‘em both with us…