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Terror and Pleasure are incredibly subjective
Wednesday September 13 2006 @ 2:41 pm

Since many of us spend so much time on the internet, we tend to forget that the life is NOT made up of absolutes. Often, we read about how this movie sucks or this person’s career is “over”, and because it’s in some form of print, defended with such vitriol and bluster as to put the Founding Fathers’ passion for liberty to shame, we tend to buy it as truth, or at least as a common consensus. But if “Snakes on a Plane” taught us anything this summer (other than what happens when motherfuckin’ snakes take over a motherfuckin’ plane), it’s the following: what often passes for a majority (at least on the internet) barely constitutes a blip in the real world. The most hyped movie since “The Phantom Menace”, tipped to earn 30 to 40 million in its opening weekend, performed like almost any other “thriller” or horror movie: respectable, but not earth-shattering (and relative to its hype, written off by most Monday Morning Quarterbacks as an “under-performer”).

There are no absolutes, folks. Life is a subjective experience, different for all of us. What’s rapture (in the euphoric sense) for some is Rapture (in the Biblical sense) for others. Universal truths are few and far between.

Which is why I’m so fascinated by this image and clip…

Taken from the security camera of a theme park ride, it succinctly exemplifies what I’m talking about: two people share a common experience and react as differently as if they had just, respectively, ran amuck in a Hostess sample room and broken out of a window in Hell.

More than that, though? This clip is really, really fucking funny.

Friends – there’s only one absolute in the world: the grave waits for us all. But as long as there’s stuff like this to watch in the interim… well, then I can’t complain.

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