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Saturday, 5/7/05
Saturday May 7 2005 @ 11:04 pm

- I get up at seven and take a shower. As I dry off, I call AAA. Jen wakes up, and we head downstairs to meet the Triple A guy in the parking garage. The guy swaps out our tire, I tip him, and we go back to the room to shit and pack (though not together). We head out on the road by twenty after eight.

- We stop at McDonald’s to fuel up, then race like hell to British Columbia. After clearing Customs, we cruise into Vancouver and check into the hotel. We’re in the residence side of the hotel. Neither of us are really into it, but it’s only until we secure an apartment.

- Susanah’s assistant Rhonda comes by with Forest from the hair department, who measures my bald spot for a possible piece. Susanah joins us, and she, Sam Jaeger and I rehearse for a few hours. I don’t think I’m as strong as I was in the table read, but that might have something to do with the fact that I’ve only had four and a half hours sleep. Sam’s great, and fun to bounce off, so the time flies.

- Afterwards, I head to the room and find a note from Jen telling me to meet her in the downstairs bar. We chit-chat for a bit, and then head out into the city to grab some pizza, over which we decide to change our room for something less on the residence side and more on the hotel side. We head back to the hotel, make the change at the front desk, have our luggage moved to our new suite, then head out to London Drugs to grab an Airport Express (to replace the one I forgot at the hotel in Sacremento). We grab some other stuff (snacks and water), then shoot back to our room, where we hunker down in front of some Season Six “X-Files” with our wireless laptops and snacks, exhausted. We’re out cold by nine thirty/ten.