Sunday, 4/3/05
Sunday 3 April 2005 @ 12:05 pm

- I get up at 11:00am, take a shower, and head over to the store. Walt and Jeff lay out what’s left of the “Silent Bob Speaks” books for me to sign, as well as a pile of “Evening With”s. The guy who runs the River’s Edge Cafe’ next door sends over some breakfast which I down while chit-chatting with some board-ers who roll by.

- I’m off to Newark where I turn the car in and jump on the plane to Chicago’s O’Hare.

- I sleep most of the flight, which is winds up being extended because we’re circling at O’Hare for while, and when we land, we don’t have a gate. I finally get off the plane and outside where I’m met by my brother Donald who’s in town for the show. Mom was supposed to be there as well, but she’s come down with a heavy-duty flu that’s prevented her from attending.

- Don and I drive out to Crystal Lake and we chit-chat about the gig, the online store (which he runs), Jen’s impending birthday (April 7th), and a bunch of other stuff. We stop at Quizno’s so I can grab a Steakhouse Beef Dip on low carb flatbread before we hit the Raue.

- We get to the Raue and a dude is waiting for me out back with some DVD covers and a Sharpie. My hands are full of my bags so I shrug and hustle inside, say hi to Judy Irwin and Co., and duck into my dressing room to change the shirt I’ve dripped some Quizno’s onto earlier. Fifteen minutes after I get to the gig, I’m being introduced and rolling out onstage.

- The gig goes swimmingly. Great house, great crowd, great questions. Before I know it, six hours have gone by. I say my g’nights, sign a few things for the Raue folks backstage, sign a few things for the guy who was waiting for me outside when I got to the Raue, then collapse into the car and go. On the ride back, I fight to stay awake by talking to Don.

- We get to the Hilton at the airport (Don’s staying elsewhere), and Don has me sign about twenty “Marvels, Mutants, and Monsters” DVD’s before I hug him goodbye and stumble toward check-in.

- I get to my room and open the computer. I check my email to see that Gail’s changed my return flight to L.A., which allows me to sleep in an extra two hours. I fall asleep watching a Spectravision-rented “Ocean’s 12.”


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