On the First Anniversary of S.I.R. – SModCo invites you to S.I.T.
Monday 9 April 2012 @ 12:43 pm

SModcast Internet Television!

Finally – Something to look at on the internet.

SMubscribe today to S.I.T. – SModcast Internet Television!

Babble-On Classic or Get Old Classic!
SModCo has been shooting almost all of our live shows for the last year.
So now, after hearing Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
and Hollywood Babble-On podcasts, see your favorite episodes come to life
all thanks to the magic of digital video!

This is gonna be my favorite…
Fatty McNoFly hosts a weekly look into the Smith family personal video library!
SEE footage of a Fat Kenickie in Kev’s high school production of Grease!
SEE Baby Jay Mewes lament having no money for a first date, circa 1990!
SEE Old-ass interviews with the stars of SModCo from decades past!
SEE How SMod came to be!
The pre-history of SModCo every week, only on SMarchive!

Mewes News
Bus News! Melan-cholly News! The Iggy Biggy is back!
Born from the sweet morning oral of Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs,
watch as Kevin tries to explain the headlines to a baffled @JayMewes!

SModCo Cartoon Show
Kick back, blaze up and watch the stars of SModCo come to animated life!
SModCo cartoon maven Ken Plume, the Canadian Chuck Jones Steve Stark,
Clerks: The Lost Scene legends Powerhouse Animation,
and a growing club of SMartoonists give you potty-mouthed eye candy EVERY WEEK!

SMorning Show LIVE
It’s just like listening to the SModCo @SMorningShow
SEE The S.I.R. living room and it’s lack of decent morning snacks!
SEE what Jenny Schwalbach looks like in the morning with no makeup!
SEE Meghan bitch out Alan!
SEE Shecky yap!
SEE Kev wear a bathrobe to hide his morning rod!
SEE The Fishies have no eyes!
SEE a crazy great lineup of interesting motherfuckers chatting candidly!

Joining the lineup soon: FAT MAN on BATMAN and CRIMSON MYSTICAL MAGES!

And in 2013: Our first scripted series…

Come, sons and daughters of Jor-El…

Kneel before SMod.

SMubscribe today to S.I.T. – SModcast Internet Television!


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