Zack and Miri Make a Poster and the Toronto Film Fest reaction
Friday 12 September 2008 @ 7:18 am

Our frustration in getting an MPAA approval on the American poster led to last-resort ideas about showcasing dopey, simple images instead of risque pics of our leads – which, in turn, led to what’s now the official American poster for the flick…

I like it a bunch. Simple and kinda ballsy. Should be up in theaters this weekend.

Just got back from Toronto Film Fest debut, and the early word on the flick, critically, is pretty sweet…

Roger Ebert’s review.

Variety review.

CinemaBlend review.

Empire Movies review.

Screen Daily review.

James Berardinelli review.

Dark Horizons review.

Onion AV Club review.

SlashFilm review.

First Showing review.

Time review.

MSN mini review.

NY Post’s Kyle Smith review.

Hollywood Elsewhere review.

There’s also a Hollywood Reporter review, but I can’t get the link to cooperate. interview regarding the MPAA (HEAVY SPOILERS)

Variety video blog interview.

Variety Toronto Wrap-Up Piece.

This is the poster in Canada…


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