Am I mad at Ben Affleck?
Thursday 29 June 2006 @ 6:46 am

Been reading about how mad I’m supposed to be for not being cast in “Gone, Baby, Gone”. Not that I should have to clarify this, but it’s patently untrue: I am not mad, hurt, or “fuming” at not getting cast in Ben’s flick.

Christ, is it really such a slow news week that what was obviously me joking around has become some kind of column item? I swear…

Lesson learned: if you do press in Boston, and somebody asks you about Ben, just refuse to comment or say anything about the man. Don’t joke about him. Don’t even say the word “Ben”. Because when you do, this kinda shit happens…


Utter horseshit…

You’ve gotta be willfully retarded to take those comments I made seriously. Jesus – irony really is dead.

Was I “fuming” when I cracked that joke? No. Am I “fuming” now? Yes – and NOT at Ben.


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