Tuesday, 4/26/05
Tuesday 26 April 2005 @ 11:15 pm

- Harley wakes us up at 5:30, and wisely, Jen musters the enthusiasm to praise her for sleeping in her own bed throughout the night. I hear mention of a celebratory cake as I fade back to sleep.

- Jen wakes me at about quarter to eight, informing me that I’ll be driving Harley to school. I finally climb out of bed around eight, throw on some clothes, kiss the wife, and bring Harley to school, with Mulder in tow. We listen to “Walking in Memphis” on the short drive.

- I call Jen and let her know I’m gonna stop down at the office to go over the second half of the “Mallrats” re-cut. I tinker with the flick some more, swap out a few more shots, go over the eight minute blooper/outtakes reel, and lock it up for the Universal folks.

- I call Jen again, and tell her to get dressed so we can grab some grub. On the drive to the house, I chat with Jenno about “Catch” stuff, then pick up Jen and head to the Griddle. While we eat, Phil Benson calls to tell me Rick McCallum wants to know how I liked “Sith” (Phil worked Skywalker Sound for years, so he’s tight with all those cats). I tell Phil to pass on the message that I loved it, and he says Rick might be calling me later.

- While we eat, Jen and I are joined by Matt Kawczynski and his girlfriend, who’re meeting Brian Lynch for breakfast. The cell rings, and it’s Rick McCallum, so I step away from the table and enthuse about the movie to Rick for awhile. I tell him I’ll see him at the Lucasfilm/Mtv screening up at the Ranch on the 6th, and he asks if we’ve booked our rooms yet. I tell him we’ll probably stay in San Francisco and drive in, but he graciously offers me a room on property at the Ranch. Having stayed there many times during the “Dogma”, “Strike Back”, and “Jersey Girl” sound mixes, I gladly accept.

- Lynch arrives, and I tell him about “Sith” before Malcolm and Andre appear. We chit-chat for a minute before Jen and I have to head to Bristol Farms for some cake mix and steaks.

- Post-Bristol, I talk to our Miramax exec Jon Gordon on the cell while Jen runs in to Ralph’s to get the strawberry cake mix Bristol didn’t carry. Jon and I get done talking just as Jen emerges from the store, and we head home.

- I jump in the shower and air dry in front of the computer until the door rings. I buzz up “Donnie Darko” director Richard Kelly, get dressed, and meet him upstairs on the patio deck. We’re talking about the “Southland Tales” graphic novels he wants to do in advance of the flick, and I’m giving him all the comics publishing insight I have, pitching him to let me and Bob Chapman publish the books through a Graphitti/View Askew imprint. Mewes joins us for a few minutes to ask if I want to attend the “House of Wax” premiere (which I do). Following that, Bob Chapman shows up with a bunch of samples of the various hardcovers and trade paperbacks he’s made over the years. I turn Richard over to Bob while I prep the filets for the grill.

- Over lunch, we continue talking about the joint publishing venture, what it’ll cost, and what Richard’s looking for in the way of artists. Richard has a meeting to get to, so he heads off, and Chappy and I sit around and talk about the “Mallrats” ticket pickup, and check out the new “Truth or Date” laniards we’ve introduced at Stash West in time for the “Rats” screening.

- Chappy heads off, and I check my messages. Jen’s left to pick up Harley between school and gymnastics, so I use the down time to check email and make some calls. I give Jeff Anderson a shout to see if he’s around to grab this gift I picked up for him. He is, so I head out, passing Jen in the process, who’s off to make the Harley “Congrats for Sleeping in Your Own Bed” cake.

- I take Scully and Mulder with me and head over to the Valley. On the way, I return Susanah’s call, and we talk about “Catch.” I call Jeff for more specific directions to his place, then see him waving me down outside his building. I give him his present, chit-chat for a bit, then head back home. On the ride, I talk to Matty from Alice about the re-scheduled radio gig I’m gonna be doing Saturday night.

- As I pull up to the house, I notice it’s time to grab Harley from school, so I call Jen to see if she wants to take a ride with me. She joins me, we pick up Harley, and try to get home through L.A. rush hour traffic. Mewes calls me to see if I’m going to “House of Wax”, but I decline, as I’ve got something else to do: which is drop wife, kid, and dogs off at the house, then head to the airport to pick up Byron and Gail, who’re arriving from Florida.

- On the way to the airport, I go through my iPod, looking for tunes we’ll use as bumpers for the radio show. I find Gail waiting outside the American arrivals terminal, and we loop the airport a few times, as Byron waits for the bag. Once he’s secured, we head back home.

- Jen’s ordered pizza for dinner, so the family sits down to a cake with two candles, celebrating Harley’s conquest of her bedroom last night, and what we hope will be tonight as well. We chow down and chit-chat about Florida and the upcoming Vancouver trip. I kiss Harley g’night and head downstairs, nursing a sudden headache.

- I check a little email, then curl up and watch some “Simpsons” while my head throbs. Jen arrives in the room from putting Harley to sleep, and checks email while riding the couch. I fall asleep only to be woken up by Jen around 10:30, moving me to a less-bed-hoggy position. I get up, take some aspirin, then go back to sleep, hand on my beautiful wife’s back, head in agony.


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