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The Fight We All Want To See *UPDATED WITH TOP PICKS!*
Tuesday March 6 2012 @ 3:33 pm

4/15 UPDATE!

On the 4/8 episode of HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON, we announced the 3 top picks for our #DarkSideKnight cartoon contest!


Adam West Batman vs. Darth Vader! By Josh Stifter.

Guess Who’s Coming to Gotham? By Philip McNulty.

What happened to Vader and his TIE Fighter after the end of Episode I? By Jose Briseno

In addition to the prize loot described in the original post below, Josh, Philip and Jose are already working on new SModCo Cartoon Show shorts for with cartoon SMaven Ken Plume!

Congrats to those three cats and all else who entered! See them all on Twitter under the #DarkSideKnight hash-tag!



Animators of the internetional community! I have a challenge for you!

I’m no fucking good with the pictures. Just ask any film critic: They’ll tell you I’ve got zero visual smarts. I can talk your ear off, but if I have to draw you a picture? Good luck discerning what the fuck’s going on. Sadly, I don’t think in pictures; I think in words.

More than anything in this life – more than even any desire to be somewhat in shape – I always wished I could draw. It sucks being unable to draw in this digital age even more – because with the advent of Flash animation, I’d also be able to make cartoons! And I love cartoons – always have, since childhood. You don’t get a body like this spending your childhood playing sports on the weekend; this is a body built by Saturday morning cartoon and pre-sweetened cereal orgies.

It’s frustrating to be a dreamer who cannot draw. It’s like being a penguin – the bird that cannot fly. Why give me these wings and the bill knowing I’ll never be able to soar? s’cruel. Thanks to Steve Stark, our brilliant in-house animator, SModCo’s been able to harness the power of cartoons! But Stark’s busy enough with both our SModCo Cartoon Show every month, as well as our forthcoming feature, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. He can’t draw everything for me…

So since I can’t draw my dream, and since Stark’s already slammed with the rest of my dopey shit, I’m daring you – the web-babies with drawing power – to draw the ultimate battle I’ve yearned to see since childhood…


——————–>BATMAN vs DARTH VADER!< -----------------------


When the Dark Knight fights The Dark Side, you call the shots!

- You decide whether it’s in color or black & white!
- You decide whether a Batarang can beat a Light Saber!
- You decide if Batman needs guest stars to give him the edge!
- You decide if Boba Fett should get involved!
- You decide how bloody it gets!
- You decide who wins!
- You decide if they’re wearing pants or not!

- My favorite entry gets $500! and a job (if they want it) cartooning for SModCo!

- My second favorite gets $200!
- My third favorite gets $100!

We’ll show all three on Hollywood Babble-On as well as feature them on the Babble web page, but you own the animation: I just wanna watch that shit – as will lots of other folks!

All you cartoonists and other artists of the Internet! Show us the Caped Crusader going toe-to-toe with the Sith Lord! Keep it to between 1 and 2 minutes!
Deadline is NEXT FRIDAY – Friday, March 16th, 2012.

Hash-tag it #DarkSideKnight on Twitter so we can find ‘em!

I’ll announce my picks when I’m Live-Tweeting the season finale of COMIC BOOK MEN on MARCH 18th!

And they will be just that: my picks. We’re not choosing “winners” because, let’s be honest…
When anybody animates Batman vs. Darth Vader, we’re all winners!

May the Force (of Batman’s fist in your enemy’s face) Be with You!