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Friday and Saturday
Sunday September 2 2007 @ 3:39 am


I get up around eleven, do a little posting on the board, and put up the previous day’s blog. Following that, I check email, where I find a few more thoughts from Dan Etheridge on “Red State”…

I have to say, I haven’t really been able stop thinking about the
script since yesterday. That’s surely one sign. Malcolm and I were
IM’ing this morning, debating points about it.

He made one good point, in that he’s read the other movie you’re
shooting (apparently a tonal opposite of RED STATE). He
said making that movie first might make the subversive nature of RED
STATE more possible. True, I think.

Anyway, you sure did write a helluva provocative script.

I drop Harley off at her friend’s house for a sleep-over, then head to the office, where Scott and I record a new SModcast, and then spend an hour going over “Red State” notes. The plan is that I’ll re-draft a bit (mostly cuts), and we’ll officially submit the script next week.

When I get home, Jen’s feeling under the weather, so we order some Frankie and Johnnie’s and watch “Disclosure” and “Salem’s Lot,” during which I alternate between playing poker on Full Tilt and finishing up Donkey Kong Country 3. We fall asleep watching “No Way Out.”


I wake up, let the dogs out, then go back to sleep. When I get up around ten, I do precious little besides get into a dopey argument with Jen, make up, play poker and watch “The Jackal” (why I’m on a old and/or bad movie kick, I have no idea).

The kid gets home around five, and Jen, Harley and I have a bed picnic consisting of pizza and cheese ravioli. Following that, Jen goes to hike Runyon, the beach-tuckered Harley falls asleep early, and I try to watch “Caligula” – which, after my day of doing nothing, frighteningly starts to resemble my life (minus all the orgy stuff). I vow to be a bit more proactive with not only my time on the weekends, but also my diet.

Jen and I watch “Devil in a Blue Dress”, then follow it up with “Clue” (someone on the board suggested it to her), during which she falls asleep. I retire to the bedroom office to finish watching “Caligula” and post a blog before going to bed.