Friday, 4/1/05
Friday 1 April 2005 @ 12:05 pm

- 6:13. What the fuck possesses these varmints? Byron’s upstairs, so I don’t have to make the morning climb. It’s freezing in the room, so I close the black-out curtains and crank the heat.

- Take a leak and head directly to the desktop to check email and start composing yesterday’s diary. An hour or so later, Jen wakes up insisting I’m trying to roast her alive with the heat.

- Harley calls up to the room (intercom system) to tell us there’s a bird loose in the house. We head downstairs to investigate, only to discover we’ve been April Fooled by a five year old. We are filled with shame.

- We drop Harley off at camp and head to the Griddle. Post-Griddle, we head home.

- I have Gail switch my flight so that I’m not on the afternoon flight or the red-eye, but instead, a 7:15 flight the next a.m. which will get me to Red Bank three hours before showtime. This frees me up to lounge with Jenny.

- Sacked out on the bed, in front of the TV, I watch the rest of “The Final Cut” while posting and checking email.

- Gail serves up family dinner and following the meal, Harley heads to Nan and Pop’s room for Movie Night (“Spongebob” and “The Wind in the Willows”). Jen and I watch Sayles’ latest, “Silver City”, during which Jen starts to get sick from some bad cheese she thinks she’s eaten. She lays down, and I pack for the early morning airport run. We fall asleep watching TiVo’ed “Simpsons.”