Sunday, 4/17/05
Sunday 17 April 2005 @ 11:53 am

- Even without the dogs in full effect, I wake up at seven to a hangover forming. I head to the bathroom to down some Advil, drink some water, and climb back into bed. Jen’s in and out of consciousness, chit-chatting with me about the previous night, wanting to cuddle up. Naturally, since it’s morning and the morning wood’s in full effect, any cuddling results with my cock pressing against her cocklessness. Since it’s in the a.m., and she’s still kinda sleeping, I don’t push for any sex. But I do make the rogue’s play of telling the wife I wanna jerk off onto her, regardless. Bless her heart, she says go ahead, and I slip her jammies and panties down and tug one out against her ass, showing amazing restraint in not attempting the slip-in.

- I get up and head to the office, where I attempt to purchase some coin for my new UB account with a credit card. The attempt fails. I try again with another credit card. That also fails. I call my credit cards to find out what’s up, and I’m told that it’s MasterCard and Visa policy to now allow the use of the card for online gambling. What kinda crazy shit is that? Mewes gives me Annie Duke’s IM name, and I start hunting her down to purchase chips from her. We’ve sort of met before, via cell phone, when I bought a grand from her to dump into Mewes’ UB account for Christmas. We spend some time chatting in IM, and she hooks me up. And with that, I begin my UB career.

- Jen gets up, and we head out to breakfast at the Grand Luxe Cafe’, at the Beverly Center. We stop at Bristol on the way home to pick up some turkey and potatoes for dinner, then spend most of the day doing nothing but laying around, eating, and watching some TiVo. Jen later comments on how surprised she was I didn’t try for the slip-in this morning, as after a few minutes of jerking off with my cock pressed into her asshole, she was sleepily turned on (a foreplay pastime that was all the rage for us a few months back that we’ve since kind of moved on from). I tell her I like having sex with her when she’s having sex back at me – that her presence (both physical and psychological) in the sex act is kinda vital for me. And naturally, this chit-chat leads to some awesome, late-day fucking.

- We do family dinner, then I head downstairs and play more Ultimate Bet. Jen puts Harley down on our couch, and we head upstairs to the living room to watch some tube. I download Virtual PC to my laptop and Mattt walks me through the installation process again. I follow that with a download of UltimateBet, and I’m soon playing some poker upstairs. Jen heads to bed, and I tell her I’ll follow soon, but I wind up playing poker ’til 2 in the morning before finally heading to the room and crashing beside the sleeping Schwalbach.


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