Friday, 4/15/05
Friday 15 April 2005 @ 11:53 am

- I wake up at Jen’s behest. She’s telling me to let the dog’s out. It’s nearly 7.

- I take a leak and hit the computer to update the online diary. Byron intercoms around 7:30 to wake Harley up. I wish him a Happy Birthday.

- I open the curtains as Jen climbs out of bed to gently wake Quinnster. She takes her downstairs to get ready for school, and I go back to the computer.

- I hear the front door, so I go out onto my office deck to say goodbye to Harley. When I go back inside, Jen and I start talking about the Poetry Event some more before she has Byron and I moving the Black Jack table and sundry other pieces of furniture down to the library to clear up space in the living room.

- I do something in the morning that I now can’t remember (it’ll come back to me), but I know I was doing something, because I remember getting home and the dogs being gone, picked up for doggie camp for the weekend.

- Jen and I bicker a bit before she heads out to her mani-pedi-facial appointments at Burke Williams. We go back-and-forth about whether to take Byron out for lunch or just barbecue at the house before he heads for Big Bead mid-day. Jen finally decides we’re gonna barbecue, and says she’ll pick up some steaks from Bristol on her way home from her appointments, but before she picks up Harley, who’s getting out of school early for a half-day. We bicker some more, and Jen’s off.

- The hundred or so folding chairs are delivered, and Gail calls up to ask me if Jen wanted white chairs or not. I tell her I’m not sure and call Jen at Burke Williams, because I don’t wanna let chair one into the house if she didn’t pick white chairs. After a few minutes, they track her down and I ask her about the chairs. She sounds frazzled, and says she thought it was some kind of emergency that they dragged her out of her pedi over. I counter with it’d be an emergency if she came home and found a hundred chairs she didn’t order sitting in our living room. She signs off on the white chairs, so the white chairs start coming in.

- When Jen gets home, we bicker some more (this time over the Burke Williams emergency phone call), and I head upstairs and fire up the grill. Gail’s made Byron a birthday cake shaped like a pair of skis, so that’s our steak follow-up. We sit down to the earliest family dinner on record and do the cake and candles thing afterwards.

- We say goodbye as Byron loads Harley and Louis into his truck, headed up to Byron and Gail’s Big Bear cabin for the weekend, skipping the Poetry Event altogether.

- Jen and I hang around the house for the rest of the day, getting the living room in shape and moving stuff around. After much discussion about opening the event to some L.A. board folks, I throw a message up on the board about five tickets up for grabs, requesting some info from each applicant.

- While I’m working on the board, Jen’s holding a marg-tasting meeting upstairs with Chay, Bryan Johnson, Darrin Johnson and Brian Quinn, the Issacs for the Poetry Event (when they pour, they reign). Brian Lynch also comes by, and I head upstairs to join the boys in the kitchen while Chay and Jen chill in the living room. The men grill Bry about his carjacking, and we make copious jokes about all the head Bryan could’ve given to get out of it. A good time, as they say, is had by all.

- The boys leave and Jen and, with Harley in Gail’s room for the night, we bone hardcore and fall asleep to some “Simpsons.”

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