Thursday, 4/14/05
Thursday 14 April 2005 @ 11:52 am

- I wake up around 7:30 to let the dogs out, take a leak, and hit the computer.

- While I’m wading through email and posts on the board, Byron calls up to the room to ask if I can pick him up at the Range Rover dealership where he’ll be dropping off Jenny’s car for a checkup. I confirm.

- I hear the front door beep at 8:15, which means Harley’s heading to school. I head out onto my porch to tell her goodbye, and Byron tells me he’ll give me a shout from the Range Rover place with an exact address.

- I check some more email when the call comes in twenty minutes later. I get dressed, take a coffee order from the couch-riding/Poetry-event-fretting Jen, kiss her forehead, and make for the front door, closely followed by Scully.

- Scully takes the ride as I go to pick up Byron at the Range Rover service place. On the way home, we stop at Carl’s Jr. for some burgers for the dogs and a Low Carb Breakfast Bowl for me. Following that, we hit Starbucks for an iced latte’ for Jen, and Chi Latte’s for Byron and Gail.

- I deliver Jen’s latte’ and she gets ready for a hair appointment and some other errands. She takes my car (as her car’s being serviced) and heads off.

- I hold down some iChats with my Mom, my Brother, Chappy (my Stash West partner), Nicole (from “Degrassi”), and Ming. We take the tickets for the “Mallrats” screening public, and Scott IM’s to remind me we’ve got a lunch date.

- I shower and get a ride down to the office, where Scott and I watch some “Mallrats” re-edit he’s been working on, and then head over to The Palm for some lunch steak.

- After lunch, we stop over at Laser Blazer and pick up the new DVD’s. Afterwards, we cruise back to the office and continue the “Rats” edit ’til six, when Mosier has to head out. He gives me a ride home, and I find Jenny in the bathroom, getting ready for her 6:30 Poetry Event meeting with Daniella and Russell Milton.

- I head to the bathroom, then sack out on the bed and go over posts on the board while watching some TiVo’ed “Daily Show”s.

- Around 9-ish, I head upstairs to pop in on the Poetry Event meeting. We talk about the possibility of making a few seats available to board members in the L.A. area, and go over the order of the readers for a bit before Jen heads downstairs to put Harley to sleep on our couch. I walk Daniella and Russell out, close up shop upstairs, and join Jen in bed. We watch TiVo’ed “Simpsons” ’til we fall asleep.


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