Wednesday, 4/13/05
Wednesday 13 April 2005 @ 11:52 am

- Harley has a nightmare, and climbs into our bed, waking me up. I can’t fall back asleep, so I get up and head to the computer. It’s 4a.m.

- Around 4:30, I get up to take a leak and notice Harley’s back on the couch, sleeping soundly. Nice move, kid: wake me up in my bed then flutter back to sleep in yours shortly thereafter. Thanks.

- The dogs get up around 7 and look at me like “What’re you doing awake this early, asshole?” I let ‘em out and get back behind the computer.

- I run into John Sloss, my lawyer, on iChat. He wants to talk about the “Catch & Release” deal, so I head upstairs to call him (so as not to wake up the sleeping Jen and Harley). We wind up talking for an hour about a wide array of topics. When we’re done, I shuffle by the kitchen to discover Mewes, sitting at the table, smoking and playing online poker. I play over his shoulder for a few minutes until I hear the front door signal, which alerts me that Harley’s on her way out with Byron. I poke my head out the third floor window and yell goodbye to her down below.

- Jen joins us and starts mixing up some coffee. Mewes, who’s been shooting nights and has just gotten home, is debating whether or not to go over a girl’s apartment or crash in his own room. His libido gets the better of him, and he heads off. I follow Jenny downstairs and get back behind my computer.

- I iChat with my Mom for awhile and tell her about the “Catch” stuff while answering email and then head off to take a shower.

- Mewes comes back from the girl’s house, and Jen, Jay and I opt for some Griddle breakfast. Jen takes her own car, so she can then head on to the mall afterwards and I can head over to Burbank for a “Star Wars” interview for a British documentary.

- At the Griddle, we run into Bryan Johnson, Brian Lynch, Bryan Strang, Matt Kawczynski (Charlie, from “Big Helium Dog”), and “Degrassi” head writer Aaron Martin (who’s in town for some meetings). The Griddle folks give our party posse the back room, and we order, eat and joke around for the next hour, until Mewes wraps it all up because he’s exhausted and still hasn’t slept.

- Jen heads out to the mall and I bring sleepy Mewes back the house. Since I’m already late for the “Star Wars” doc thing, I ask Gail to call them to see if I can head over later. It’s about 12:30pm.

- I lay down to watch some TiVo’ed “Daily Show”s and check email and promptly fall asleep for three hours.

- Jen gets home from the mall and wakes me up, reminding me that I’ve got the CNN “Showbiz Tonight” thing to do. I take a leak, get dressed, and head over to CNN.

- At CNN, I chit-chat with the makeup lady Necca and the camera guy Patrick as well as Jeremy, who I believe is the west coast segment producer. Then, I head into the tiny room with the backdrop, camera and chair, and Patrick shoots me out, live to New York, where “Showbiz Tonight” is shot (see show here). They ask me to stick around for the Ryan Reynolds segment, so Patrick and I watch the show, “MST3K”-style, until Ryan comes on.

- I head home, and tell the wife that I got off a “golden showers” reference on CNN. She’s not impressed. I climb into lounge wear and we head upstairs for some chicken breast Byron’s grilled for dinner. Afterwards, Harley and I retire to the living room and set up the “Star Wars” lightsaber fighting game I picked up the other day. It takes about fifteen minutes longer than it should, because all these plug-in-and-play games have their battery compartments screwed shut nowadays. The game’s pretty bad-assed, though, and we get up to stage three before it’s time for Harley to go to bed. She’s bunking down with Nan and Pop tonight, so Jenny and I are free to… watch TiVo’ed “Law & Order” eps.

- But not before I hit the board again. I’m in my office, checking emails and posts when Bryan calls to see if I wanna swing by Mewes’ set with him, as they’re shooting pretty close to where I live. I opt out.

- After about two hours of “Law & Order”s, the phone rings. It’s Bryan, who tells me his harrowing (yet kinda funny) story about being car-jacked and kidnapped at gun-point right outside Mewes’ set. The jackers ran up to his car, gun trained on Bry, and demanded his wheels. Bry, of course, told them to take it, but the jackers told him to get in the back seat, as he was coming with them. They got on the 101 (from Highland), and asked Bryan where an ATM machine was. Bryan had them get off at Alvarado, where one of the jackers took Big’s ATM card and got money out of his account while the other stayed behind with him in the car, pointing a gun at my boy and telling him “This isn’t personal. We don’t wanna hurt you. Once we get the money, we’re gonna drop you off and keep your car. But if you try anything, I’m gonna shoot the shit out of you.” The other jacker got back in the car and wanted to hit anothr ATM, and at this point, Bryan gets out of the car, bewildering his captors, insisting they’ve gotten their money, so he’s done. He said he ran across the street to a liquor store and called the cops (and Mos, who picked him up). I’m so flabbergasted, I have to have him repeat the story. I thank Christ he didn’t get hurt and add that I’m suddenly really glad I didn’t go with him.

- Around 11, with visions of moving to another, safer city dancing in my head, Jen and I fall asleep to TiVo’ed “L&O”s.


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