Friday, 4/22/05
Friday 22 April 2005 @ 11:30 pm

- Harley wakes up at 6:30 and immediately sets about trying to wake us up as well. Jen sends her to let the dogs out and dig up some breakfast while we try to grab some more shut-eye. By seven thirty, though, it’s a losing battle, as the kid is just flat-out harrassing us to wake up. Jen gets her ready for school while I take a leak and throw on some clothes.

- I drop Harley off at school and swing by McDonald’s for some hash browns and a large Diet Coke for Jen and some sausage patties for me.

- Jen and I chit-chat up in the living room while we eat our breakfast. Following that, I head down to the bedroom, lay down again, and start playing some UB while watching TiVo’ed “Law & Order”s. Jen showers and heads off to her doctor’s appointment while I wrap up my UB game and head to the bedroom office to start updating the diary. While doing so, I get a call to do an interview about my favorite birthday memory, and another call from CNN, asking me to come in and talk about comic book movies. Since they’re less than five minutes from the house, I say “Sure.” Following that, I iChat a bit with Don about some missing signed stuff and Chappy about a new “Mallrats” script book we’re thinking of making.

- I shower and head to CNN. There, I meet up with Jeremy (the segment producer) again who tells me I had big fans in the NY and LA offices regarding the “golden showers” comment last week. While I’m waiting to tape my interview, I run into Brooke Anderson, who’s apparently moved out to L.A. (the last time I saw her was when she interviewed me at the Atlanta CNN offices, circa “Jersey Girl”) and getting married. Following that, I do my interview and head home.

- I’m home about ten minutes and answering some email when Jen comes home from the doctor’s and lunch with her friend Lisa Roumaine. We opt to go pick up Harley together, hit the bank, and grab some grub. When Harley’s loaded in the car, she chooses Koo-Koo-Roo for dinner, so we head over to the Valley. We hit the Roo and then the bank before going home.

- At home, we all get into our woobs and lounge around. Harley watches a dvd of the puppet version of “Blue’s Clues” called “Blue’s Room” (in which, sadly, Blue speaks in a human voice) while I play UB beside her on the bed and Jen waters her plants upstairs. Jen joins us on the bed, and the three of us play a game called “Traffic Jam” that’s really supposed to be only a one player game. Jen orders some pizza, and Harley and I watch some more of “Blue’s” before the pizza comes.

- The pizza arrives, and I pick at the cheese, so as not to derail from Atkins. But the temptation proves too great, and I finally eat a whole slice. Then another. Since the 20-or-less carb quota has been broken for the day, Jen and I opt to order a bunch of junk food from Yummy that we’ll down while we watch more “Dynasty”.

- We put Harley to bed, and I stay in the room with her, playing UB, ’til she’s good and asleep. Then, I take my game into the shitter and drop a mean one. Following that, Jen tells me that her friend Trish is coming over for an hour before she heads out for the night. I give the girls their space while I order some in what the clerk must assume is a weed-induced selection of sugars and salts. As I wait for the delivery, I get the diary up to date.

- Yummy arrives, and I dig in while I play some UB. After Trish leaves, I join Jen upstairs, and she makes cookies while we chit-chat. Following that, we hit the living room couch and watch some more “Dynasty” until I start dozing off – which now reminds me of being a kid and the many times my Mom would fall asleep on the couch watching “Dynasty” beneath this home-made afghan that layed across the back of our living room couch for years, “Roseanne”-style, before there ever was a “Roseanne”. Jen wakes me up and says we should go to bed (as I used to wake my Mom up and tell her to go to bed) and we head downstairs to fall alseep to some TiVo’ed “Simpsons”.


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