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Sunday September 28 2008 @ 4:04 pm

Fucking Air Canada locked me out of my fucking flight even though I was in the terminal at 9:48 for an 11:05 flight! After waiting in a line for fifteen minutes, with no announcement that they were closing my Edmonton flight, I get to the desk, where I’m told it’s too late: I’m locked out of the flight. And when I’m like “I’ll ditch my luggage. Can’t I just get my boarding pass so I can get on that plane?” I’m told “No. They won’t let me ticket you. The flight’s closed.”

And there were still 20 minutes to go before they even started boarding, and 50 MINUTES before the flight even took off!

I’m sorry: I fucking hate Air Canada.

After all that time wasted at the Air Canada desk, desperately trying to get someone to do the right thing, I ran around from airlines to airlines (fat sweaty man, two cumbersome bags) trying to get to Edmonton before 7pm. The best anyone could do was get me there by 10-ish. I offered to start the Q&A then, but understandably, the folks running the gig felt that by the time I got through customs and hauled ass from the airport, we were looking at a close to 11 o’clock start time.

So the gig’s been called off.

Makeup date has already been chosen: Wednesday, OCTOBER 8TH.

My apologies folks. My bags were packed the night before, and I left for the airport with more than enough time. I was in the terminal with time to spare before the cut-off (and, I mean, a full hour they cut that shit off at? Jesus…), and still, I wasn’t allowed on the plane. I offered to ditch my luggage, and still I wasn’t allowed on the plane. Air Canada can suck it.


Calgarians: this won’t effect your show on Tuesday. Rest assured, I WILL BOOK UNDER A DIFFERENT AIRLINES and make sure I’m there, in Calgary, with time to spare.

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