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The Secret Stash West is Dead; Long Live the Secret Stash West?
Tuesday October 16 2007 @ 1:04 pm

Been awhile. Gonna keep this update brief, so please excuse the sparse details.

Friday, 10/5

Jen and I watch “Dexter” most of the day. At night, I record a new SModcast with Mos, and then a bunch of folks come over the house for a party. I’m in bed by midnight.

Satruday, 10/6

In the morning, Carla picks up a copy of “Zack and Miri” to drop off to our potential Miri. I continue watching “Dexter” until it’s time to get ready for the signing. I shower and head over to Westwood for what’s, presumably, the last day of Secret Stash West.

The signing goes well. Could’ve went better, but I capped the line as soon as I got there, so we’d be done with the signing in time for our poker tournament at night.

When the signing ends, I divvy up the chips and start processing our players. Mewes rolls by, and we wind up with 24 players (lots of new faces). Sadly, I donk out around two hours in. The tourney goes ’til a little after midnight, and the winners circle looks like this…

(Left to right: Lawrence, 2nd place; Matt, 3rd place; me, no place; Johnny, 1st place; Brooke, fourth place)

I head home around 2 a.m. and go to sleep.

Sunday, 10/7

I wake up and watch the rest of “Dexter” season one, then following it up with the TiVo’ed episode of season two.

Monday, 10/8

I wake up and check email. There are three messages from other studios interested in picking up “Red State.”

My agent Phil finally reads “Red State” and emails me the following…

Read it. Wow. Fucking genius.

He’s my agent; what else is he gonna say?

Carla IM’s me with our potential Miri’s reaction to her weekend read of “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”…

Script right up my alley. It’s basically about my town. And role is right on for me and also for _____.

Thus far, good news all around.

I IM “Red State” to John and Janet Pierson, then shower and head over to Westwood for the “Gone Baby Gone” premiere with Jen.

It’s my third time seeing it, and the flick still holds up. Truly great.

At after-party, I talk to Jason Reitman for awhile, and run into Tracy Fisk from “The Tonight Show.” After two hours, I’m ready to go. I drive Jen and Trish back to the house, then fall asleep to some season two of “The Office.”

Tuesday, 10/9

Get up, throw a hat on, and hit the Griddle for breakfast with Jen. Afterwards, we pick up new DVDs, and then head home.

I send out “Zack and Miri” to Ratface, our trusty production designer, then check email, where I find a reaction from Janet Pierson to her “Red State” read…

Wow. Reading your online diary I kept wondering what could be so
bleak? I had no idea and was totally curious. Well now I get what you
were talking about.

I head over to Burbank to tape an episode of “Fair Game”, then head back to the house to hang out with Jen all night.

Wednesday, 10/10

I wake up, shower, then head to the Stash for clean-up/pack-up with Bryan, Ming and Deacon. After three hours, I head back to the office to drop off posters and watch the first hour of Zak and Joey’s new cut of the next “Evening with Kevin Smith” DVD.

When I get back to the house, our potential Miri’s agent and manager are reading the script. Afterwards, I chat with them a bit, then enjoy some pizza with Jen.

Later, our potential Miri comes over. I spend an hour getting to know her. She’s too fucking perfect for words.

When she leaves, I head downstairs to the kid’s room, where Jen and I put Harley to bed. After that, Schwalbach and I sit around bullshitting for awhile, then I fall asleep around nine.

Thursday, 10/11

I wake up around 2 in the morning, unable to sleep. I check email and find a link to some location pics from the Pittsburgh scout. I go over the options and send my responses to Scott, Laura and Ratface, then go back to sleep. Then, I drop an email to “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller to beg a copy of last night’s episode off him, since my TiVo didn’t do the job.

When I wake up, Jen and I watch “The TV Set” (a totally watchable flick), and I spend an hour on the phone, talking to a voice from the past who has an interesting idea about keeping the Secret Stash open. I mobilize Bry and Ming and we head over to look at potential new digs for Secret Stash West, v.2. Even though Bry’s still moving on, we go over the pro’s and con’s of relocating and staying open, eventually settling on the pro side. Apparently, we might not be done out here after all.

So by mid-November, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash West will re-open in a different location, not too far from the original location (details to follow later).

When I get home, I find a gift from Mos in my office. I pull off the bubble wrap to reveal this…

On the surface, it’s a pretty awesome painting, yes? But what really rocks about it is this: it marks the realization of the first project Mos and I ever talked about working on.

Vancouver Film School, circa March 1992: two wannabe auteurs, one from New Jersey, the other from Vancouver, meet and become unlikely friends. In the course of their musings, they hatch a production company they call P.P.A.S. Productions (Post Party at Spago’s Productions). The movie they cackle about making: “Little Johan.” It is to be the story of a midget’s love affair with a pig named Phyllis, and his heroic efforts to save her from the murderous Gunther the Butcher. A motorcycle and sidecar will play heavily in this farmland adventure.

What might’ve remained the long-forgotten dopey chit-chat of two dorks desperate to ignore their instructors was made flesh and explained in an accompanying note which read…

Notes on our first collaboration

“Little Johan, no!!!”

I know we created PPAS Productions first, but your performance of Gunther’s shock and fear at an axe-wielding Johan was truly a shared moment for me (especially when the tears started flowing and you couldn’t stop laughing).

Getting you a birthday/Christmas/any holiday gift is always a tall order. You tend to never deny yourself, and therefore there’s always a shortage of things to get you that one can KNOW you are going to like. So the key is to create or find the thing that has either eluded you or not occurred to you to have made for yourself.

I hope that I am safe in saying that this item has never occurred to you. I was recently going through my single box of memetos and came upon the drawings we had done of Gunther, Johan, and Phyllis the Pig. I sat there and looked at them and thought of getting those framed for you (not to be cheap, but because I know you dig that stuff). But then I thought no, we aren’t the same men who forged those crude pictures so many years ago. We were men with means. Men with contacts. Men who could create art that really bring the story to life.

Or, more to the point, I could pay someone to do it.

The story of Little Johan, the German midget who falls deeply in love with a pig that’s being slaughtered by his boss, Gunther, for the coming Oktoberfest. I mark this painting as our first collaboration. Before there was “Clerks”, before there was even “Mae Day”, there was Little Johan. I wanted to commemorate this event with something and here it is.

Happy Birthday/Christmas/Etc.

I love you. You da man.


I call Mos and tell him how much I love him, then fall asleep beside a wife who’s befuddled by the painting.

Friday, 10/12

I wake up to a pair of phone conferences regarding the potential Fox pilot, then get dressed and head out to breakfast with an actor I’d like to cast in one of the non-Zack roles in “Zack and Miri.” The Griddle is crowded, so we head over to Jerry’s in the Valley. This is the first occasion I’ve had to spend any real time with the guy (we played poker together once) and, as it turns out, he’s a good egg; head firmly on his shoulders. Add to that the fact that he’s funny, and I decide I’m happy to have him in the flick, if he’s free come January.

When I get home, I check email and IM “Red State” to Jon Gordon, our former Miramax/Weinstein Co. exec who’s now off on his own. Then, Jen and I watch the copy of “Pushing Daisies” that was dropped off at our door that morning.

Byron and Gail head to Big Bear, picking Harley up from school along the way, thus giving Jen and I a free weekend – which gets started once I finish up a “Zack and Miri” phone conference with Mos.

We pick up some Baja Fresh and watch “Selena” – a flick I’ve never seen before. Afterwards, we sit around talking about our respective family histories for two hours, then start watching a “Six Feet Under” season one box set that Ming’s brought home. Neither of us has ever watched more than the pilot, but after falling in love with Michael C. Hall in “Dexter”, we opt to give it another shot. The shot doesn’t last long that evening, however, as we both fall asleep during the pilot.

Saturday, 10/13

Jen and I lay around all day, gorging on terrible junk foods and watching “Six Feet Under.” It’s one Vomitorium shy of ancient Rome.

Sunday, 10/14

Jen and I wake and wwatch more “Six Feet Under,” then manage to shower and head out into the world for brunch at The Ivy.

On the way home, we stop at Fred Segal. The place is jam-packed for their 70% off sale, so Jen heads in to briefly shop while I circle the building, waiting for parking. Afterwards, we roll by Virgin to pick up season two of “Six Feet Under.”

Back home, we continue watching “Six” Season One ’til we finish the box set, then start on season two, breaking only when Harley returns home with Byron and Gail. Jen and I take the whole brood (and Ming) out to Pace’ in Laurel Canyon for dinner.

When we get home, the wife and I watch more “Six Feet Under” then stop to watch the TiVo’ed “Dexter” – during which I fall asleep.

Monday, 10/15

See Harley off to school then dive back into “Six Feet Under” with Jen. Around 2:30, I take a shower, get dressed, and meet with The Guy Who Saved The West Coast Secret Stash. We hammer out some detials about the impending move and how Stash v.2 will operate.

Following that, I climb back into my woobs and watch more “Six Feet Under” ’til it’s family dinner time. Byron, Gail, Harley, Jen and I discuss the Pittsburgh trip and at what varying stages all of us will head east to western Pennsylvania. We’re now twelve weeks out from the start of shooting, so this is the point where logistics start taking shape, vis-a-vis dates, where the family will live, whether or not the dogs will come, etc.

Jen heads off to help Harley with her homework and I go through email. When she gets back, we watch some more “Six Feet Under,” then head downstairs to put Harley to bed. We get back to the room, cuddle for a bit, then watch another pair of “Six” episodes before calling it a night to some TiVo’ed “Simpsons.”