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As trite a Thursday as it gets.
Friday September 7 2007 @ 9:46 am

Thursday, 9/6

Wake up to the following email, from Brian Lynch, who I’d sent the “Red State” script the night before.

That was bold. And a great read. Seeing the movie
would be a completely different matter, as I think I would watch most of it
through my fingers. It would scare the living shit out of me. What
a tense, shocking and insanely downbeat time at the movies that would be.

First of all, if your name wasn’t on the title page, I wouldn’t guess
in a million years that you wrote it. I mean that as the highest
compliment. It’s a completely different voice, from an entirely
different place within you. You should be proud.

After over ten years of writing, you found a completely new voice
that’s as strong as the one you’ve honed for a decade. And it’s SO
far removed from your previous work, I can’t think of a writer who
made a jump that drastic.

Then this followup email…

The ending sat with me all night. I couldn’t get my mind off of it.
Please make this movie.

Jen and I get into a pretty stupid fight and then makeup, after which we watch the rest of “The Closer” season two. Following that, I head down to the office to record the next SModcast with Mos.

I wrap the SModcast and pick up Harley from school, bringing her home for piano lessons. We hang for a bit, playing Speak & Spell before her piano teacher shows, at which point I head downstairs to check email. Jen and Gail head out to the spa, so Harley and I rock some “Guess Who?” ’til she heads back upstairs for dinner with Byron. Then, I drop Harley and Byron off at Runyon with Louis for a walk.

Scott comes over with the SMod equipment, and he takes a ride with me to pick up Harley and Byron when their hike’s over. When we get home, Jen and Gail are back as well, so I leave Harley with Jen, and Mos and I head upstairs to record another SModcast.

Post-SMod, my agent, Phil Raskind, shows up, and Scott and I go over the immediate future plans with him, re: “Zack and Miri” and “Red State.” They leave around eleven, and I join Jen in the room, where we fall asleep to season three of “The Office.”

Wow – the book’s have shipped. And they look pretty thick…

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