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Someone’s Finally Legal…
Saturday April 7 2007 @ 2:24 am

Following the wrap of the “Reaper” pilot, I’ve been in the UK with the family for the past few days. Our primary reason for the visit to blighty was to afford our kid a chance to see her best friend, whose parents have been in Europe, working for the last few months. However, since I knew I was coming over, I set up a pair of Q&A’s at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leceister Square – an earthy, single-screen rep-house of sorts that was the sight of the first Brit Q&A I’d done back in June ’04, when I set up the impromptu gig during a spate of “Jersey Girl” press abroad (a year later, I’d be back for the Q&A at the Criterion Theater, as seen in “Evening Harder”). Like that first gig, the two this week were also completely sold-out, as well as completely fun and completely intimate (the theater holds a little under 500 people).

So with my obligations out of the way, all that’s left to do is chill… and celebrate my wife’s birthday.

Last night, I got back to the room an hour after the official start of Jen’s birthday. I’d been out seeing “300″ on the IMax screen here in town with Malcolm, so when I got back at one, I assumed she’d be asleep already. She wasn’t, as she’d been up, watching Edgar “Hot Fuzz” Wright’s old series “Spaced” between bouts of dealing with our suddenly insomnious child.

Anyway, I wished my wife a Happy Birthday for the first of what I assume will be many times today, but it was kinda lost amidst her sighs of frustration with the kid’s inability to grab some shut-eye. So I’d like to take this opportunity to put it in print – just in case she wakes up before me and starts thinking “That thoughtless fat fuck never wished me a Happy Birthday when he got home…”

So without further ado…

Jen, this is the ninth birthday of yours that I’ve been around to celebrate, and it warms me to know that, for nearly a decade now, I’ve been at your side as you’ve grown from a girl to a woman; from a newsie to a Mother; from a one-night-stand to my partner and soul mate. You boggle my mind, you fill my heart, you race my blood, you take my breath away, you enchant all my senses, and you have always – and will always – capture my imagination. I love you for everything you’ve meant to me, everything you mean to me now, and everything you’ll represent to me years from now, when I’ve seen decades worth of your birthdays. And as happy as they may be for you, they’ll always be far happier for me, because each one you celebrate simply embodies the notion that you’re right where I want you: still above ground.

Meeting you was not only a one in a billion shot, but also the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so very deeply.

It’s late, so I’m gonna join you in sleep. But chances are, you’re gonna be awake before I am. Should that be the case, I just wanted you to know how much I adore you, Birthday Girl. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, the only person I ever wanna fuck, and an absolute treasure. Thanks for growing older with me. I promise: I’ll make it worth your while.