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Where the F*ck Have I Been?
Sunday April 29 2007 @ 1:44 pm

Has anyone seen “Wicked” – the musical about the Witches of Oz? Jesus Christ, is it awesome! Clever, funny, and moving, I gotta confess: I cried like a fat kid surrounded by six jocks out to fuck a cheerleader who gets moist seeing the portly brought low.

God, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to blog – and I mean really blog, not just pimp a SModcast (episode 11 of which is available later today). Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Spent almost a month up in Vancouver, working on the “Reaper” pilot for the CW. Apparently, the show turned out well, and is testing great. The network seems to really dig it, so there’s an excellent chance you’ll be able to peep the show in the fall.

Was weird, but interesting, shooting someone else’s script. I feel I did a pretty good job (elevating, not simply executing), but ultimately, it’s not for me. I’m a writer, first and foremost; that’s where my heart lies. Still, it was a worthwhile exercise to take (and about the only exercise I’ve done in a year), and all seem happy with the results. I had a great crew, got to shoot with Dave Klein again, and worked with some actors who I wouldn’t mind taking into features…

Following the wrap of “Reaper”, I went over to the UK for a pair of Q&A’s (both really great shows), then hit Jersey for a few days to play some poker and see the Devils kick off Game One against Tampa Bay in the first round of playoffs (which they ultimately won). I’ll be heading back east again this week, primarily to do a panel on comic book movies (odd, considering I’ve never made one myself… yet) at the Tribeca Film Festival, but especially so I can drop in on Game Five of the second round of playoffs, as the Devils battle it out against Ottawa.

The big news from our camp that went public last month was in regards to View Askew’s first stab (pun intended) at the horror genre – as I finally let slip with what we’re planning. Entitled “Red State”, we hope to be shooting it this fall. Once I finish the script for the follow-up comedy we’ll be doing (I started writing that last month), I’ll dig in on the “Red State” script, with an eye toward shooting it first, then a month or so later, starting pre-production on the comedy – our ninth film. Mos and I are planning something special for our tenth flick (no – not an Askewniverse picture); more on that in the near future…

The other big development in my world, movie-wise, was the release of the “Live Free or Die Hard” trailer…

Yes – that’s my fat-ass, sharing the frame with my hetero man-crush.

Speaking of my fat-ass, lots of folks have been asking what’s up with the “Fat Fuck vs. Food” blogs I was working on?

Well, food won for awhile.

During “Reaper”, firmly ensconced in the Great White North – the Tim Horton’s capitol of the world – I slipped.

Alright, I plummeted.

So while it’s not quite back to the drawing board for me (I didn’t gain it all back), I’ve got some work ahead of me to get back to where I was.

Oddly, People magazine is offering to help with that… sort of. Their online division has graciously afforded me a video diet blog on their insanely popular website, a four minute, weekly confessional/weigh-in. The upside: taking my battle of the bulge that public means I’ll really be forced to stick with my program (with that many people knowing/watching my progress, it’d be hard to slack). The downside: taking my battle of the bulge that public means I’ll really be forced to stick with my program (with that many people knowing/watching my progress, it’d be hard to slack).

What do you guys think? Should I do it? Or does it seem too desperate? Shouldn’t a man be able to summon his own discipline without putting himself on public display as he fights his demons? Does this stray too close to the “Celebrity Fit Club”-type reality show antics I wouldn’t be caught dead watching, let alone being involved with? Or is this simply an extension of the “Fat Fuck vs. Food” blogs I’ve been doing – merely taking it out of the written into the watchable realm?

I could use some advice on the subject here, so advise away.

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