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Wanna Watch Some DVD’s With Me?
Wednesday September 20 2006 @ 11:02 am

Here’s the deal: Back-to-back nightly watching parties on November 5th and 6th at Cinespace in L.A. Entry fee gets you a signed copy of the DVD we’re watching.

Here’s the deal:
1) There are 250 slots per night.
2) Entry fee to each event gets you a signed DVD, though not at the actual event itself. Once “Evening Harder” and “Clerks II” street, then you get your DVD (or DVD’s if you’re going to both events), which you can either pick up at the Stash, or have sent to you on street date.
3) If you’ve already ordered “Evening Harder” from the online Stash, you can’t cancel it to go to this (you’d be creating a nightmare for the online Stash folks). If you’ve already ordered “Evening Harder” from the Stash, AND you want to attend this, you’re gonna have two copies of “Evening Harder” (though, with Christmas coming, I imagine you can unload the second copy).
4) No bitching about #3.
5) Cinespace also runs a bar and grill, so you can eat and drink while you watch four hours of “Evening Harder” on one night and three hours of “Clerks II” doc and bonus features on the other night (food and drink not included in entry fee).
6) These events are gonna be pretty fucking cool/fun, and worth the trip for out-of-staters (I’m talking to you, East Coasters).

But “Clerks II” event tickets here…

Buy “Evening Harder” event tickets here…

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