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FINAL Weekend Box Office Figures (We did better than initially thought)
Monday July 24 2006 @ 5:03 pm

According to FINAL weekend box office numbers, “Clerks II” did a little better than the Sunday estimate of $9,625,000 for the weekend. The ACTUAL figure, according to the Weinstein Co. this morning, is $10,061,132.

Still doesn’t move us up the list any (we’re still #6), but we DID hit double digits, and were only a million off from our “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” opening weekend of $11mil. We spent $15mil less making “Clerks II”, and we spent way less marketing this movie. Add to that the fact that we were in profit before we opened, thanks to foreign sales, and you have the reason why both Harvey and Bob Weinstein called me this weekend to say “We’re happy. Now let’s keep moving in the right direction.”

In other news, our exit polls have been strong, and our tracking is still good. We’ll see what the weekday numbers look like, and hopefully, the drop next weekend won’t be too steep.

We officially doubled our budget in the first weekend. That feels good.

Final figures should be up at Box Office Mojo later today.