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Mewes, Nicole Richie, and me and my big mouth
Saturday March 25 2006 @ 7:21 am

At the UPenn gig the other night, I told a fifteen minute story that detailed Jason Mewes’ amazing journey from severe heroin abuse to sobriety, giving the man props for coming up on his third anniversary of being completely clean (April 6th) – a stellar accomplishment that should serve as inspiration for anyone looking to kick any monkey of their back. It’s an anecdote filled with tons of love and pride for my boy, which culminates with a convesation Mewes and I had two and a half years ago about what he noticed the big differences were between life on drugs and now off.

And in the age of internet gossip, that heroic tale of a guy who was able to beat his demons has been reduced to this…

Kevin Smith tells really filthy secrets

It’s not like I haven’t told this story at other college gigs over the last few years, but for some reason, it’s now news. I got an email from someone at the NY Daily News regarding not just this bit, but another story that came from a question that night regarding my enmity for Reese Witherspoon (which is pretty well-covered in the book “Silent Bob Speaks”) that they want to run on Monday. This was my response…

“It’s one thing to tell that tale out of school at a college Q&A (in the context of a far larger, longer story about Mewes’ hard journey from heroin abuse to three-years of total sobriety), and a completely different thing to just pull the stuff about bathroom sex and run it in a gossip column. So unless you’re gonna run the whole, unedited transcript of me talking about how amazing it was for Mewes to get clean (a fifteen minute oral story), I’d rather you not include just that bathroom sex snippet, which makes it all seem like unsavory locker-room chit-chat.”

Naturally, I’m not expecting they’ll keep the context. Sadly, it’s not news that Jay – with nearly both feet in the grave at the lowest point in his life – was able single-handedly pull himself out of the self-made Hell of drug addiction and work his way back to the land of the living, clean and sober; what’s news is that he had sex in a bathroom stall with one half of the “Simple Life” dorks.